Posted by: frojasg | September 8, 2009

Yes we can!

nowadays  I’m working in my pre-grade thesis and I need a quiet place to work, so I choose the Library University because it’s suppose to be a quiet and warm place where I can work without any distraction(beside facebook). So when I was there I found the dislike surprise that wasn’t a quiet place at all, all the people was speaking so loud. so I thought FML and brought a big earphones to at less no distract me with the conversation of the other people, but also I sent a mail to the library administration and I suggest to them, that could put some posters to tell the other people that must to be quiet in the library. Today I found the nice surprise that in one section of the library there is this poster and now it’s a very nice place to work. So when you find something that isn’t like it’s suppose to be, please do something and we can make the world a better 😛



  1. muy bien te felicito! sigue así!

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